Dave Ramsey discusses funeral expenses and how to prepare for them

People make investments and save their cash for a lot of life occasions as they make selections about tips on how to method them.

Planning for retirement, for instance, is without doubt one of the most essential causes folks make investments. 

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Some monetary circumstances are optionally available, together with whether or not to attend faculty or whether or not to begin a enterprise.

Major purchases, similar to shopping for a house or automotive, require having sufficient cash saved to make a major down fee.

Many folks even have methods for different monetary targets, together with establishing an emergency fund and saving for holidays and different leisure bills.

One factor everybody has in frequent, however is usually tough to speak about, is that sooner or later our lives will come to an finish.

This actuality itself carries with it various important monetary issues, similar to making ready a will and making selections about tips on how to distribute one’s property.

Another reality to confront is that funerals are costly. But there are a variety of how folks can deal with making ready for them.

Dave Ramsey explains his ideas on planning for funeral bills

Recently, private finance character Dave Ramsey was requested about exactly this challenge.

“Dear Dave,” wrote an recommendation seeker named Shannon, based on KTAR News in Phoenix. “I’m 67, and I’ve been wondering what your position is on preplanning for a funeral versus prepaying. Is one a better idea than the other, or should you do both?”

Ramsey appeared grateful for the chance to elucidate his opinion on the topic.

“This is a great question. I wish more folks would think about these kinds of things ahead of time,” he wrote. “Preplanning a funeral is truly a gift to your family. But if you prepay, it’s a gift to the funeral home.”

Ramsey believes that, if an individual has the monetary means to prepay funeral bills, it’s a higher thought to place the cash into an funding account and see it develop.

“Doing the legwork and setting things up ahead of time so your family doesn’t have to make a lot of financial decisions in the middle of an emotional situation shows them respect and consideration,” he wrote.

Dave Ramsey talks with TheAvenue about private finance methods.


Some essential numbers to contemplate

Ramsey mentioned a number of of the drawbacks he sees in utilizing a pay as you go plan.

“When you buy a prepaid plan, you could be years or decades away from needing it,” he wrote. “Plus the inflation rate on funerals is about 4%, so in essence, you’d be making 4% on your money. And, of course, you’re locked into everything at that point.”

“If you took the cost of a funeral and invested it at age 30, instead of 4% on your money, you’d get an actual investment return,” Ramsey added. “By the time you’re 80, you’d have about $600,000. So prepaying in your 30s or 40s is mathematically ridiculous.”

“Now, if you’re in your 60s, like you and me, there aren’t as many years for that money to grow,” he wrote. “You wouldn’t see a huge return on investment, but it would still provide for a nice service.”

The bestselling writer and radio present host additionally addressed the funeral enterprise on the whole.

“Believe it or not, it took me a while to figure out that the funeral world is an industry — an extremely profitable industry,” Ramsey wrote. “And like with many things, when you add on stuff like financing or prepayment to a purchase, you’re adding to their profits. Most funeral providers make as much money on prepayment plans as they do in actual margin on the goods and services that go along with this kind of thing.”

“That being said, I’ve got no problem with a business or industry making money,” he continued. “If they treat their customers well, no one’s taken advantage of, and a quality product or service is provided, it’s all good.”

“But when it comes to funerals, I tell people to preplan. Don’t prepay.”

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