Dave Ramsey says now is the time to buy a house — here's how

The housing market is famously troublesome to foretell, however there are a selection of things to contemplate that may give potential house patrons a way of present and upcoming developments.

Radio host and bestselling private finance creator Dave Ramsey gives a couple of knowledge factors to look at for individuals who want to purchase a house.

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Ramsey checked out a related set of numbers from December 2023 in contrast with these from November 2023 and likewise from December 2022.

“Here’s a quick breakdown of what interest rates, inventory and competition may look like in the new year, (and) what it means for you if you’re buying and selling,” he wrote in an e-mail to TheRoad from Ramsey Solutions.

First, Ramsey urged wanting on the median nationwide house worth within the U.S. It was $410,000 in December 2023, down 2% from November 2023, however up by 1% from December 2022.

Next was the 15-year fixed-rate mortgage (FRM), which clocked in at 6.14% in December 2023, down 9% from November 2023 and up 8% from December 2022.

On the accessible housing provide, he mentioned, the full variety of houses on the market was 714,176 in December 2023. This was down 5% from November 2023 however up 5% from December 2022.

Last on this comparability is the median variety of days houses on the market have been available on the market earlier than closing. That was 61 days in December 2023, up 18% from the earlier month, however down 6% from December 2022.

A row of homes is pictured. Personal finance professional Dave Ramsey explains how a lot cash house patrons want to avoid wasting for down funds.


A information to saving for a down cost

Taking all these knowledge under consideration, these seeking to purchase a house early in 2024 can begin saving for a down cost now, Ramsey mentioned. 

“So, you’re dreaming about owning a home,” he wrote. “You can already smell a delicious meal being cooked in the sprawling kitchen, hear the sound of a bicycle being fixed in the garage, and see your kids’ smiling faces as they play on the fresh-cut lawn. There’s only one thing stopping you from making that dream a reality: a down payment.”

“When you see house prices listed for hundreds of thousands of dollars, it may feel like you’ll never save enough money to buy one,” he wrote. “There’s got to be a way to speed up your savings to buy a home. Well, there is! And we’ll show you how.”

Ramsey advises placing collectively as giant amount of money for a down cost as attainable.

“A house is one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make,” he wrote. “That’s why smart home buyers like you save up the biggest down payment they can to limit the amount they have to borrow and pay off their house as fast as possible.”

Ramsey suggests a ‘easy’ formulation

In order to determine precisely how a lot home potential house patrons can afford, there’s a pretty easy formulation Ramsey recommends they comply with.

“This is simple math, people,” Ramsey wrote. “Just add up your total monthly take-home pay (after taxes) and multiply that by 25%. For example, if your total household income after taxes adds up to $7,000 each month, take 25% of that income to get a maximum monthly payment of $1,750.”

He gives extra on this instance to search out out the full worth of a house throughout the set finances.

“Select a 15-year fixed-rate mortgage at a 4% interest rate with a 10% down payment,” Ramsey wrote. “Let’s also assume your mortgage payment includes a 0.5% PMI fee, 1.1% property tax, a $846 home insurance premium, and an $86 HOA fee. After you test out different prices based on your $1,750 maximum mortgage payment, you find that the maximum home price you can afford is about $200,500.”

“But remember,” the radio host continued. “This calculation shows you the maximum house price you can afford — meaning you don’t want to buy a house above that price. It’d be smarter to find a house below that price to allow room in your budget for ongoing homeowner costs like maintenance and repairs.”

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