Edward Jones chief explains one major key to success

Edward Jones CEO discusses the trail to profitable management (2:48)

Many folks, in the course of the course of their careers, will discover themselves questioning whether or not they’re really spending their time doing what they need.

Edward Jones managing companion (the agency’s official time period for its CEO) Penny Pennington just lately defined how she grappled with that query throughout her personal skilled progress.

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Pennington stopped by the New York Stock Exchange to debate her ideas on the topic in an unique interview with TheAvenue’s Editor-in-Chief Sara Silverstein. (The video seems on the prime of this web page.)

“I’d like to hear a little bit about your journey to CEO, and mostly when in your career did you realize that CEO was an attainable goal for you?” Silverstein requested.

Pennington supplied some background on her profession path after which likened her expertise to an iconic scene from a 1939 movie.

“I’ve been in financial services since 1985, so I’m coming up on a 40-year career,” Pennington mentioned. “I was in commercial banking for 14 years and I found Edward Jones in 1999. I don’t know if your viewers have seen the old version of The Wizard of Oz, but when it goes from black-and-white to Technicolor, that’s what happened in my life.”

“When I came to Edward Jones, I was a practicing financial advisor for six years, as were all of my predecessors,” she continued. “Our previous managing partners all started as financial advisors. What that means is we know what it feels like to be in the seat to build trust with families and to build a practice.”

Taking dangers exterior your consolation zone

Pennington mentioned the variety of positions she has held on the monetary companies firm and defined why she believes that’s significant.

“I’m on my fifth role since I came in, in 2006,” she mentioned. “The reason that I say that is I think it’s very important for all of us as professionals to be what Satya Nadella (the Microsoft CEO) called ‘learn-it-alls,’ not ‘know-it-alls.’ To take what feels like a risk, to step outside maybe your area of technical expertise or a particular comfort zone and to go into a place where you’re going to learn.”

“And the world that we live in today, learning adaptability, dealing in ambiguity, building teams, making decisions with incomplete information — that’s what leadership is,” Pennington defined. “And then rallying a team through purpose to be able to really make it make a big difference.”

Pennington then circled again to the unique query Silverstein had posed.

“And so you asked, you know, when did I know, quote-unquote, that this might be an attainable goal,” she mentioned. “We call Edward Jones an opportunity factory. We create opportunities for our clients. As a result, we have opportunities as talented professionals.”

Edward Jones Managing Partner Penny Pennington talks with TheAvenue on the New York Stock Exchange.


A key to success is getting ‘snug being uncomfortable’

The Edward Jones managing companion emphasised how she discovered to embrace danger.

“As I was moving through our organization and learning new things, I realized about 15 years ago that my success was going to be dependent on my ability to take those risks and move into new places,” Pennington mentioned. “So what I say to people is get comfortable being uncomfortable and raise your hand, especially for the things that your gut says, ‘I want to say no to this!’”

Pennington mentioned she believes that these are exactly the challenges you will need to tackle.

“Raise your hand for those things,” she mentioned. “I was raising my hand to say, put me in places where I can take that risk and be supported by my organization and my teammates so that I can learn and grow. And as far as I can go in doing that, that’s what fires me up.”

“That’s a good day for me, is when I’m feeling uncomfortable.”

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