How to protect data in Google Sheets

When you’ve gotten huge quantities of knowledge, making a change by mistake can throw off your calculations or projections, or may misinform. Protecting your knowledge from unintentional adjustments will be certain that your data is right and freed from error.

Protecting your knowledge can be useful while you’re sharing a spreadsheet with colleagues and mates, who may help you evaluate your knowledge with out having them make any adjustments.

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How to guard your knowledge

In Google Sheets, you may shield your knowledge in two methods: by spreadsheet or by vary. To shield your spreadsheet in Google Sheets, go to “Data” within the menu bar, after which click on on “Protect sheet and ranges.”

The choice is defaulted to “Range,” and the sphere beneath it lists the spreadsheet and the vary of knowledge. You can change the info vary instantly, or you may click on on the four-grid icon to the appropriate to assist you to choose the vary of knowledge by highlighting particular fields within the spreadsheet.

To shield your entire spreadsheet, click on on “Sheet” within the “Protect sheets & ranges” choice, and that may checklist the identify of the spreadsheet, which can checklist the identical identify that seems as a tab on the decrease left of the display.

After choosing both “Range” or “Sheet,” you’ll must click on on “Set permissions” to determine what sort of restrictions apply. After clicking on “Set permissions,” a window seems to provoke the authorization. 

The default choice is “Restrict who can edit this range” adopted beneath by “Only you.” You can grant permission to different individuals by choosing “Custom” and placing of their electronic mail addresses. That will enable these individuals to edit by sharing the hyperlink.

The draw back to choosing your self as editor of your protected worksheet is that you simply may make unintentional adjustments with out realizing what you’re doing. The different is to pick out “Show a warning when editing this range” within the “Range editing permissions” beneath “Set permissions.” 

This performance creates a warning in a brand new pop-up window with a tag on the prime that claims “Heads up!” You’re overriding or coming into new knowledge onto a specific area within the spreadsheet, and it both allows you to cancel or proceed by clicking “OK.”

You can shield a variety of cells in a spreadsheet or the spreadsheet itself. Protecting knowledge can stop correcting errors down the street.

Google Sheets

Example of knowledge safety

Using the identical spreadsheet used within the knowledge sorting tutorial on states, their capitals, and populations, we’ll shield the info by vary and spreadsheet. Following the identical steps above, we’ll go to “Data” within the menu bar and choose “Protect sheet and ranges.”

The spreadsheet model of the next tutorial will be downloaded right here. Make a duplicate of the worksheet by choosing “Make a copy” from the drop-down within the File menu.

To the appropriate of the spreadsheet, a sidebar titled “Protected sheets & ranges” pops up. Click on “Add a sheet or range” beneath that, and from there, the default setting is “Range” with the identify of the spreadsheet in single quotes adopted by an exclamation mark and a cell. For the cell vary choice, sort in “A1:D51” in order that the sphere reads “ ‘state capitals’!A1:D51.” This will shield the info by state, capital, state inhabitants, and capital inhabitants, together with the headers at Row 1. 

Click on “Set permissions” and one other window titled “Range editing permissions” pops up. Pick “Show a warning when editing this range,” and click on “Done.” The vary from A1 to D51 is now protected, and any try to alter a textual content will set off a warning to look.

To shield your entire spreadsheet, click on on “Sheet” beneath “Protected sheets & ranges,” and the identify of the spreadsheet, “state capitals,” seems within the area. Click “Set permissions.” In the window pop-up, choose “Show a warning when editing this range,” and click on “Done.” The whole spreadsheet titled “state capitals” is now protected. Any entry in any cell within the spreadsheet will routinely set off an alert.

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Again, the spreadsheet model of the next tutorial will be downloaded right here. Make a duplicate of the worksheet by choosing “Make a copy” from the drop-down within the File menu.

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