Southwest Airlines offers boarding option many passengers love

Booking flights on most main U.S. airways requires already having a particular seat reserved earlier than getting into the plane.

This is just not the case with Southwest Airlines  (LUV) , which has a special coverage that enables passengers to pick out their seats as they board.

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Before boarding, vacationers are assigned teams during which to board the airplane. For apparent causes, in case you are in a gaggle that boards earlier, you may have a wider number of seats from which to decide on.

Passengers are assigned to teams labeled A, B or C. In every group, they’re additionally given a quantity that specifies the order to board in every group.

Group A boards sooner than Group B, which boards earlier than Group C. Each of the service’s plane have three seats to the proper of the aisle and three to the left.

Passengers can test in for his or her flights utilizing their gadgets 24 hours earlier than departure. Generally talking, the teams are assigned within the order the passenger checks in.

But, in fact, it is a bit extra difficult than that.

What it takes to safe early boarding

Southwest’s most well-liked frequent flier program known as Business Select. Members who maintain these tickets occupy a devoted check-in lane that boards first and takes the primary fifteen rows of seats.

“You can also sometimes upgrade (for a fee) to an A1-15 boarding spot 30 minutes to 24 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure time,” wrote Summer Hull and Jennifer Yellin for The Points Guy on Feb. 27. “This option is only available if Business Select customers don’t fill the A1-15 slots, and it costs between $30 and $80 (per segment, per customer).”

There are a pair different classes for checking in early, however the principle one accessible to financial system passengers is Southwest’s EarlyBird Check-In.

This service permits vacationers to order boarding spots 36 hours earlier than their flights.

“EarlyBird Check-In serves two obvious purposes. First, it eliminates the human element of forgetting to check in exactly 24 hours before your first flight,” Hull and Yellin wrote. “Second, it scores you a boarding assignment that should be better than those available 24 hours before departure.”

EarlyBird Check-in is priced at $15 to $25 per passenger touring every method on a round-trip ticket.

An aerial view of a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 is seen. The worth of the service’s EarlyBird Check-In is examined. 


Whether paying for EarlyBird Check-In is well worth the cash

For some passengers, the order during which they board the airplane is not of big significance. This is especially true for individuals who are on the lookout for methods to save lots of any cash they will on journey.

Adults touring with youngsters are allowed to decide on household boarding, which permits them to take a seat collectively. Family boarding happens after Group A boards and earlier than Group B boards.

“In my experience, if you’re eligible for family boarding, there is absolutely no reason to purchase EarlyBird Check-In as your family will have no problem sitting together,” wrote The Points Guy.

“If you have the budget to consider buying EarlyBird Check-In, it might be worth it in a few cases,” the authors continued. “First, EarlyBird Check-In might be worth it if the flight is especially long, such as a Southwest flight to Hawaii. The length makes seat selection more valuable.”

It can also be potential to buy EarlyBird Check-in for one leg of a visit and never the opposite, so there are alternatives for vacationers on a price range.

“At $15 to $25 per person each way, Southwest EarlyBird Check-In can be worth the cost,” wrote Hull and Yellin. “However, it won’t always be a slam-dunk deal — especially if family boarding is an option for your group.”

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